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Making Nut Milk at Home

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Get the book 21 Questions About Making Nut Milk at Home:

Here are a few common questions people ask about making nut milk:

What is Nut Milk?

Nut milk at its most basic is the liquid created from mashed nuts.  You can also make milk from legumes like soybeans.   You can add a flavors to it, but it is basically water and nut solids.  

Nut milk can easily be made by soaking and blending nuts in a blender and then draining the liquid through a mesh bag like the one shown here:   The fine mesh is specifically designed to keep unwanted solids out of the milk. 


 What is a Nut Milk Bag?

Making nut milk is accomplished by filling a cloth or nylon bag with ground nut solids and water. A typical nut milk bag is quart size and is specifically designed to hold tight to the mouth of a container as you spoon in the mixture. While we are focusing on nut milk here, keep in mind that you can filter other things with this bag too, such as filtered juices or coffee. An organic nut milk bag is particularly good for this because leaching fluids through a mesh will draw out any chemicals used in making the bag. So ORGANIC bag is critical unless you are okay with synthetic chemicals in your food.

How Do I make Almond Milk?

Almond milk is a particularly popular type of nut milk and can be costly to buy pre made.  1 cup of bulk almonds can create nearly a quart of creamy, tasty almond milk.   Essentially, you will soak the nuts, blend them with filtered water, and then filter or strain the mixture, separating the solids from the creamy liquid.  The liquid is almond milk!  The nut solids are high in protein and flavor, and can be used in a variety of recipes.   

Our favorite step-by step "how to" recipes are here:

Can I make other milks?  (How do I make Walnut Milk?  How Do I make soy milk?  How do I make cashew milk?)

Sure you can.  (We are an organic walnut farm after all!)  The principle for other varieties of nut milk is exactly the same.   Links to more recipes we like are here:

Soy Milk

Can I store the nut milk after is is done?

Yes you can!  We recommend glass storage.  You can take a ball jar or some similar container, put the nut milk in it, and store it in the refrigerator.  You will want to shake it before serving.  If you use quality ingredients, a sterilized container,  limit contact with the air, and refrigerate right away, refrigerated nut milk should last for 4-5 days.  (discard if it smells bad or tastes sour)

To learn more about making nut milk, you can access our free booklet: 21 Questions about Making Nut Milk at Home.

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