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Creating a Life Together

In December of 2014, Carol, Clovice and Terry joined Loretta and I on the Farm. Since that time, to say they altered the trajectory of this endeavor is an understatement. I can sum it up like this:

We are creating a life together.

So much has changed for me since I began here at Dancing TreePeople Farm. For one thing, I am starting to dream again.
But this time it is different. For one thing, I am not a lone crusader, and I don't even have a set plan anymore. What I do have is a decade of creative experiments, lessons and a deep desire to create a sustainable and creative life with others in a way that makes things better for our broader community too. I am mindful that it is time to usher in a new chapter in this story... one that we will dream about and create together, one that will be full of magic and surprises as we allow it to unfold.
Loretta is keeping the farm running--managing the day to day needs and writing her stories...
Clovice is busy creating music -- he is a composer and working to bring his life's work to the word online (you can get a glimpse of what he is up to at - where he is sharing his music with the world for free.)
Terry and Carol (and honorary farm mate John Saare) are constant sources of creative energy around community involvement--not just here but other places too. was born here as an idea years ago and is well... still thriving in the form of Time Banking.

And I am finding my footing again, healing and loving this day.

I feel like I have come home.

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